About Aberdeen

Our People

Our people are the most valuable asset we have. In order to strive to be the best asset management company, we have to create a performance culture. Employees work hard for their investors and in turn are well rewarded for doing so. Overall we need staff to learn about our business, systems and processes, so as to develop their skills and knowledge. One of Aberdeen’s company values is the focus on teamwork where everyone works to the same goals, whilst striving to do better. This takes talented and motivated people that put the customer at the heart of the business.

How we see ourselves

Aberdeen Asset Management has grown quickly by acquisition as well as through organic growth. With fourteen acquisitions over the last ten years, the group has assimilated knowledge as to how to integrate new teams and staff members and also has a respect for innovation and change.

Given Aberdeen’s roots as a small investment boutique, we still value a flat management structure, openness and our accessibility to each other and our clients. Most of our offices are consciously open plan. We would like to see ourselves as open and engaged, but respect it takes time for new staff and colleagues to feel familiar with the group.

Asset management is our skill set

We are fortunate to work for a business whose sole focus is asset management. This we believe allows our teams to concentrate on what they do well, without distractions of competing interests. We believe our openness and our culture of small, close knit-team investment teams helps to build trust and long-lasting relationships.

Respecting competitive forces

The competitive forces we face are as international as we are as an organisation. Many of our competitors offer strong and compelling propositions to the target markets, therefore a clear, understandable expression of our culture and what makes us different is vital. We work for a publicly quoted company and as such need to be responsive to the things that affect our earnings capability, in different market conditions. This means understanding what we do in a competitive context.

The importance of service

Good service is at the heart of what we do. As active asset managers we are vulnerable to the ups and downs of market performance and it is impossible to be the best performing manager all the time. What is possible is to create a deep understanding of our investment processes, develop consistencies and our brand and communicate well so as to optimise our relationships with clients and prospects, despite different market conditions. We therefore value client servicing and business development as key skills within the group.