Support for graduate recruits

We’ll help you settle quickly into your role and make the most of your career at Aberdeen right from the start

What to expect in your first week

You’ll get an induction into the company at an orientation training hosted at our London or Philadelphia office when you start the graduate programme.

This will also give you the opportunity to get to know your fellow graduates and new colleagues. You’ll also discuss your rotations, set objectives and have the chance to find out what’s expected of you in your role.

Orientation week also includes:

    • Introduction to Aberdeen and investment management.
    • Meet senior managers from across the business.
    • Presentations from key members of the business.
    • Systems training and policies training.
    • Team building & social activities.

There are various people available to support you once you begin the programme including:

Graduate placement supervisor

This is the person you’ll report to on a day-to-day basis during your rotation. They will feedback to your learning and development advisor on your progress.

Learning and development adviser

The learning and development adviser will be your line manager. They will ultimately be responsible for your development during the training phase.

They will also:

    • Make sure your training plan is being carried out effectively.
    • Carry out your appraisals.
    • Manage your rotations around the company.
    • Ask for your feedback on placements.

HR support

You’ll be assigned an HR adviser or business partner who will be a continued support throughout your training.

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